Sunday, 25 March 2018

Dear Beautiful Boy (Age 7)

Today you turned Big Boy 7 and it was a very special day.  We've been trying to help you understand how days and weeks work all this month because you've been asking for your one very special present (Alphabet-B-Apple) approximately every day, 1,500 times a day (give or take) for the last five weeks.  

You've had four Alphabet-B-Apple's previously but sadly, each one has broken when you've felt angry or sad and thrown it away from you in a desperate attempt to communicate how you feel.  For a long time, you'd moved onto other toys (skittles) and had stopped worrying about Alphabet-B-Apple...but then, you found one of the broken versions and remembered how incredibly wonderful this toy was, while sadly being very frustrated that it wasn't working as you expected it to.  

So, then you had an idea - you could ask Mummy and Daddy to buy you a new one!  Or better still, you could go onto Mummy's iPhone, open the Amazon App and, through the miracle of one-click purchasing, you could buy yourself one for the bargain price of £25!  You didn't, however, quite bargain on Mummy intercepting the Postman and hiding the package containing Alphabet-B-Apple (and thankfully you weren't party to the conversation when Daddy said Mummy should just have cancelled the purchase because Mummy is much nicer than Daddy!).  

So, every five minutes, of every day, for the last month you've been looking earnestly into Mummy's face and announcing, "1 Alphabet-B-Apple, 2 Alphabet-B-Apple!" because of course, toys are always better in twos.  At first, Mummy just said, "Yes, Adam, 1 Alphabet-B-Apple, 2 Alphabet-B-Apple!" which clearly was missing the point entirely so you would ask again...and again...and again.  Eventually, Mummy grew tired of this game so she spent one Saturday afternoon making you a huge calendar that marked the Month, the Day and the Numbers of the Days with a moveable sticker saying "Today!"  Each day, Mummy changed the day name and helped you to say it, showed you what number today was, and then we counted together how many days there were until your birthday.  Every single time, the routine ended with your input, "Happy Birthday Adam! 1 Alphabet-B-Apple, 2 Alphabet-B-Apple!"

Needless to say, your wishes were quite clear and there was no further need to make a birthday list.  Today, in the cruelest of coincidences for your non-morning-person-mummy, your birthday coincided with "Spring Forward" and Palm Sunday, so while Mummy had to get up at what felt like 5:30am to get ready for work, you stretched, grunted, rolled over and snored for a further hour in Mummy's warm, cosy bed.  You were ever so cute though so Mummy forgave you with only a little bit of grumbling.  

But eventually, three cups of coffee later (having gone to bed at midnight and been awakened by you charging into the room at 2am) Mummy finally felt a bit more human just as your eyes slowly opened.  As ever, my heart melted when I looked at your sleepy little face, particularly when it lit up at the sight of me.  I waited till you had rubbed the sleep from your eyes and then showed you the calendar.  You were a little confused at first, having just woken up, as to why Mummy was asking you to start working to understand days and numbers quite so early, but once you spotted the "Today" symbol on the same square as the "Adam's Birthday" symbols, your excitement turned straight into bouncing.  "Happy Birthday Adam!  1 Alphabet-B-Apple, 2 Alphabet-B-Apple!" you shouted over and over again. 

Sometime later, once everyone was dressed, we did the days again before Daddy walked into the room with a big wrapped present in his hands as you squealed and shouted and you couldn't get into the wrapping paper quickly enough.  "Alphabet-B-Apple!!!!  Alphabet-B-Apple!"  After which point, you had no further need of Mummy and Daddy because you were very busy, thank you very much.  Mummy just about managed to get you to mumble, "Thank you!" before you went back to your apple.

Then, it was time for Mummy to go to work but thankfully, it was an early service I was leading, so I could come back and take you for a special birthday lunch at your favourite, 5-star restaurant.  Mummy knows there's nothing better in the world than chicken nuggets, chips and red ketchup from the gourmet establishment that is McDonald's.  Things only got better when the nice lady came round with balloons and you chose, "BLUE!"  She was clearly charmed by your lovely smile and your signing and wished you a Happy Birthday.  Of course, Alphabet-B-Apple came too and so your attention was quickly recaptured.

Then it was time to go home and unwrap your other presents, of which none was better than  2 Alphabet-B-Apple but the magic track, marble run and penguin racing were still fun.  I think it was the first day in as long as I can remember that you only had the TV on for about five minutes, your toys were far too exciting to watch boring old television.  Daddy was of course on toy assembly duty as Mummy was *far* too tired after her morning at work!  (Tehehehe....Mummy's not daft!)  

But you played and played and played and, at the end of the day as yawns were overtaking you, Mummy asked, "Adam, has this been a nice birthday or not nice birthday?"  You thought for a moment and replied, "Nice Birthday.  Alphabet-B-Apple."  Yes baby, Alphabet-B-Apple.  I'm glad we made your dreams come true - for today at least.

And now, you're snuggled up in your bed, having happily listened to your current favourite stories all about Ben and Bella (Big Yellow Digger, Big Blue Train, Big Red Bath and Big Bouncy Bed) followed by the prayer we say every night and the hymn you help me to sing even as your eyes droop closed.  And I sit here, once again, thinking that even though this day always bring a mix of joy and sadness as we give thanks for the miracle that is you, combined with remembering the pain of nearly losing you, I can still say with absolutely all my heart: 

I love you baby boy.  Happy Birthday Big Boy 7.

Love, Mummy