Monday, 28 March 2011

Monday 28th March 2011

Late this afternoon we've had a full diagnosis on Adam. It has been confirmed that he has both a GBS (Group B Streptococcal) Infection and also Meningitis. the good news is that both of these are common and treatable with penicillin and as he's already been on this since Saturday, he's part way there. They can also reduce other drugs he's been on now that they know what's really wrong so can target the treatment.

The other good news is that the cause of his illness is purely infection rather than anything in his body chemistry. So his lungs, heart, kidneys and liver seem fine. However the bad news is that while treatable, both of these infections are incredibly serious and while his life is in less danger than it was on Saturday, it still is significantly in danger.

The other problem is that because both infections hit so severely and so strongly, he is classed as having septicemia because they're in his blood stream and so attacking his brain. If they can save his life (and he will be on penicillin a minimum of 2wks till they know this) then there is a 50/50 chance of brain damage because of the fits. If he is one of the unlucky ones, he may end up with anything from epilepsy to cerebral palsy but that won't be known for a long time to come. Needless to say we'll be praying he's one of the 50% who come out with no complications but the doctors are very concerned.  To all of you who have been in touch expressing love, prayers and concern - thank you. I'm sorry we can't respond to you all personally but please know how much we appreciate your contact. I'm still hospitalised myself, still very very shaky on my feet and needing crutches and a wheelchair to get about but in tiny margins, I'm getting better. Thank you to you all and please keep praying.

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