Saturday, 26 March 2011

Saturday 26 March 2011

Adam Edward Cheshire was born Friday night at 10:40 at 7lbs 3oz. But he was in distress with a reduced heartbeat and I haemorrhaged badly afterwards losing 750ml of blood and tearing so have loads of stitches. 

Things seemed ok till this morning when Adam was taken to intensive care with a suspected infection and I haven't seen him since.  Chris tells me he is now on a ventilator, monitors and antibiotics. They think he has an infection but don't know what. I've collapsed with severe SPD and am bed bound virtually unable to move and I can't see him though Chris is. Please pray for us all.

Symphis Pubis Dysfunction means the bones of my pelvis have separated and I can't move my legs and am in agony equivalent to labour pains.

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