Friday, 10 June 2011

The Easter Sacrifice

As I sit awake, watching midnight approach and then pass while my son feeds and then slowly relaxes back into sleep again, it strikes me as strange that this first Easter on which I'm an Ordinand is the first Easter ever to have passed me by with no church attendance whatsoever. Yet it is also an Easter on which I have a far deeper understanding of the pain endured by the Father as He sent His Son away from Him and into the world knowing it would result in His death. Having come so close to my own son dying, I shudder away from the pain caused by this and the sacrifice and love for us that it demonstrated. Then also as it is now Easter Saturday, a day for celebrating new life and Baptismal vows, I celebrate the new life, almost lost, of my precious son and I say thank you - for his and His. A happy and blessed Easter to you all.

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