Thursday, 23 June 2011

Shropshire Star & Telford Journal

I'm delighted today.  We've been trying to gain some publicity for Chris's planned sponsored walk on 6th August (my birthday, all cards gratefully received!)  He will be walking 23 miles to represent the 23 days Adam spent in Neo Natal.  Today I'm delighted that three articles have been published: 

Shropshire Live: 
This on the front page of the Telford Journal: 

This was in the Shropshire Star:

Unfortunately, there were a couple of errors in The Star article, namely that Chris got ten years younger (not that he minded!) and they got Adam's illness wrong as he had Group B Strep with Meningitis which is actually a completely different infection to Meningitis on its own.  But despite this, it was a lovely big article so I won't hold it against them!  

Besides, the photographer was so incredibly patient because Adam had a screaming colic evening so he had to wait for close to an hour before Adam even calmed down enough to contemplate a photo and even then, I was patting his back out of sight to try and keep him calm.  Look closely at his eyes and you can see we had about one nanosecond in between screams so the slightly fixed grins on our faces are us saying, "Take the photo before he starts again!!!"  It was an experience...  :-)

The best part about all of this is that the response to this has been incredible.  Originally, Chris hoped we might raise around £200 while I hoped for £500.  But as it stands right now, in between donations given on Just Giving and other pledges various people have been able to raise for us or have offer to us, that we know of, we're already approaching £2,500!!!!!  We are truly overwhelmed by everyone's generosity and so grateful to be raising so much for the hospital.  Thank you to everyone who has donated and for anyone who still wishes to do so, please visit:

All money raised will be donated to the Neo Natal Unit of Royal Shrewsbury Hospital where they care for and treat premature and seriously ill babies.

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