Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Not A Day For Miracles

Well, however much I would have liked it to be, today wasn't a day for miracles - at least not big ones.  

Adam's hearing was tested very thoroughly again in three different ways and the result seems to be the same as the previous test.  Adam's ear is capable of hearing and gives clear responses to the OAE test however, there is still no response whatsoever in the form of brain waves or "startling" to noise.  The test reached 90dB and the noise was even annoying me from what I could hear spilling from the headphones but Adam just snored on with nothing more than an eye flicker from time to time as he enjoyed his dreams.  

The suspected/presumed diagnosis is therefore "dyssynchrony" which is in essence damage to his auditory nerves - his ear can hear but his auditory nerves cannot translate what the sound means and so what he hears isn't sound the way we hear it.  There will still be more tests to come but two tests with the same results a month apart is, for the moment, pretty clear.  The Sensory Inclusion teacher who comes to visit us has said there are some sound files on the net somewhere that give an idea of what he would actually hear but I need to ask him again for the address of where to find them.

So, tomorrow morning at 9am, we're going back to see the hearing consultant and I guess at that point we'll learn a little bit more about what's next - whether they're going to even attempt hearing aids or whether they'll start talking about cochlear implants.  I'm also now going to ask more about starting a signing class in September to see if we can learn BSL to help with Adam's language development.

So, unfortunately today wasn't a day for miracles...except for those ordinary ones that it would be so easy to take for granted because my son woke up today, he asked for food, he cried, he smiled, he chuckled, he kicked his legs and waved his arms.  He looked at me and he studied his fist quite intently as though it was an entirely new invention.  I must remember that all of those things are miracles.  For any parent, those things are miracles but in our child considering how very far he's come truly, waking up, smiling, crying and sleeping again are miracles.  If those are the ones I have to content myself with, then so be it.  It hurts and I'm sad but so be it.

Thanks be to God for the miracle that is my son's life.  We just might have to wait a bit longer for the hearing part and see what the NHS can do along those lines.

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  1. Immense love and hugs for you, Chris and for your little miracle. Anything that I can do in terms of the BSL side of things, please do ask.

    Love and hugs



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