Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I Am Hungry NOW!

Dear Mom,

I like playing our games so much that I thought I'd start a new round.  You've been getting so complacent lately, thinking that just because I usually wake up for my bottle between 4-4:30am that I would always do so.  Nah.  Last night, I thought 1:45 would be a fabulous time.  It was ever so nice when you hopped out of bed, told Daddy to go back to sleep and took me downstairs to get my bottle ready.  I thought I'd try my charm first with a few giggles and grins while you changed my nappy but just when my bottle was nearly - but not quite - ready, it was time to ROAR.  I was hungry NOW.

But of course, you work quickly having become accustomed to my mid-night roars and I had the bottle in my mouth inside 2 minutes flat.  Hmmm.  Foiled.  And this really is very nice milk....

Adam, Nil.  Mummy, 1.

Well, I thought I'd drink just enough of my milk to have you believe it would be a nice quiet night.  So I drank nicely until 2:20am.  There were only 30ml's left so I had to move quickly if I wanted to have any fun.  I started to wiggle.  I scrubbed my head with my scratch mitts and I pushed the bottle out of my mouth.  I rolled my head backwards and forwards so it was in your armpit one second and looking over the other side of the room the next second.  Heaven forbid if you didn't move the bottle quickly enough to keep up!  You tried to wind me, tried to pat my back, tried to move my arm out of the way, tried to reposition my head so I would be comfortable.  Nah...I was just having fun Mum!  This is the sort of fun that can go on and on...for half an hour.  It was now 2:50am.  Such fun!

Adam, 1.  Mummy, 1.

Finally, I couldn't hold out any longer.  My bottle was nearly finished and your arms were just so comfortable that I had to have a little snooze.  Of course you thought that meant I was ready to go back to bed and even hoped you might get some sleep too.  Nah.  I was just resting my eyes Mum!  

Oh no, you're not even thinking of putting me back in my bed are you Mum?  Yes of course I was snoring, that just adds to the effect!  The moment my head was gently lowered onto my pillow...ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam, 2.  Mummy, 1.

You tried so hard Mum but I wasn't having it.  I wiggled.  I bounced my legs up and down so I was nearly doing somersaults by bending at the waist and lifting my legs all the way up and out of my basket.  I rolled from side to side.  I roared.  I screeched.  I spit my dumbles out just as many times as you put it back in again.  You even tried offering me the rest of my milk while I was lying in my bed.  Silly Mummy!  As if what I wanted was milk!  What I wanted was attention.  I was having fun!

Unfortunately, you decided to stop playing.  I couldn't believe it when you put my dumbles in and actually WALKED OUT OF THE ROOM!  How DARE you!!  Oh I roared.  Mother, if you thought I was going to take that one lying down....well to be fair, I can't sit up so I guess I had to take it lying down, but I WASN'T going to do so quietly!  Unfortunately, you ignored me and kept doing the dishes.  Oh from time to time you came in to reinsert my dumbles but however much I roared, wiggled and rolled, you were determined not to play.

Hmph.  I suppose I might as well go to sleep.  It is 3:22am after all, so I have kept you up for quite some time...and this bed really is rather comfortable...and I don't think I can resist the dim lights and tasty dumbles...sucksucksucksnoooooorrrreeee.......

Adam, 2. Mummy, 2.

Well now.  You didn't think I was going to let you have a lie in did you?  6:15 is a lovely time of day to wake up isn't it Mummy?  It's so lovely that I had to have a giggle in my basket.  You look a bit bleary eyed Mum.  How come?  Don't you want to play?  I'm up Mum and it's a BEEEOOOOTIFUL day!  Come play with me Mum!

Adam, 3.  Mummy, 2.

Now then Mum.  You rather hoped I'd have some nice long naps today didn't you?  You had so many things you wanted to do today, from cleaning some trains to sell, all the way to painting a wall.  Silly Mummy, as if I was going to let you do those things!  Of course I would have my bottle and then get very sleepy and even let out a few snores but I was just resting Mum.  Heaven forbid you should dare to put me back in my bed and be so presumptuous as to actually open the tin of paint and dip your paintbrush in.  That strikes me as the perfect time to say, "HI MUM!  WHATCHOO DOIN'???"

Mum, why are you sighing?  

Adam, 4.  Mummy, 2.

Mum you have such a way with rocking my basket.  It's so gentle and nice.  Soothing really.  And it's such a nice dumbles.  Hey Mum, have I told you I've learned a new trick?  I know how to remove my dumbles now.  You see, I just curl my fist over it, carefully work my fingers behind it and "pop!" Out it comes.  The problem is that I haven't yet worked out how to put it back in again so I have to shout:  "Mum!  MUM! I've LOST my DUMBLES!  This cannot BE!  MUUUMMMM!!!!"

"It's right here in your hand dear.  Here you go..."  (Reinsert)

2 minutes later.

"Mum!  MUM! I've LOST my DUMBLES!  This cannot BE!  MUUUMMMM!!!!"

"It's still right here in your hand dear.  If you'd stop removing it then you wouldn't think you'd lost it."  (Reinsert)

But Muuummmmm.  It's so much fun to play with my dumbles.  The only problem is....  "Mum!  MUM! I've LOST my DUMBLES!  This cannot BE!  MUUUMMMM!!!!"

Mum, why are you still sighing?  Hey, at least I let you get one brushful of paint on the wall this time.  Why are you complaining?  You've painted.  Oooohhhh.  You mean you actually wanted to finish the wall?  Silly Mummy.

"Mum!  MUM! I've LOST my DUMBLES!  This cannot BE!  MUUUMMMM!!!!"

Adam, 5.  Mummy....oh I give up.  

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Now Mummy, you didn't honestly think you'd gotten off quite that lightly did you?  Just one night and a gently quiet easing into your morning?  (And while I'm on the subject Mom, you really should drink less coffee.  That stuff just isn't good for you.)  Anyway, that was just the beginning of my nefarious plot.  Yes, nefarious.  I do like that word.  Actually, I think I might be a bit of a child prodigy but I digress...where was I?  Oh yes...

I finally woke up at 9am, with a lovely big yawn and a long luxurious stretch.  Ahh the wonders of a nice long sleep.  It does help one start the day out right.  Now then, Mother.  Where. Is. My. Milk?  I require my milk...AT ONCE!!!!  No, I DON'T want you to change my nappy.  No I DON'T want a bath.  No, I DON'T want to get dressed.  You are NOT moving quickly enough.  I DON'T want to wait four minutes for it to warm up.  I.  WANT.  MY.  MILK.  NOW!!!

Mother, why are you looking for earplugs?  I'm not that noisy am I?  (Sweetly batting eyelashes)  You love me really.

Adam, 1.  Mummy Nil.

You know Mum, I quite like screaming.  It's rather fun.  I thought I would scream for my milk, then scream because I had wind, then scream for my dumbles, then scream because I was tired, then scream because I was awake, then scream because I wanted my nappy changed, then scream because I was lonely and wanted a cuddle.  Muuuummmmm....why do you look stressed?

Adam, 2.  Mummy Nil.

Hmmm.  Mummy you really do give nice cuddles.  I know I like screaming but I'm just so comfy...snore.....

Adam, 2, Mummy, 1. 

I decided this was just perfect.  I know Mummy thought I was sleeping, but I had one eye open really.  You see, I kept snoring just long enough to let her put me in my basket, to stroke my head gently and smile because I looked SO cute.  Then she yawned, grabbed a cushion and duvet and crawled onto the settee.  Of course there was no reason why she shouldn't have a nap as I was asleep and safe in my basket.  But I couldn't possibly let her rest could I?  When she could be awake and looking after me?  I'll just give her enough time to properly relax...I think ten minutes or so should do.  Just enough time for her to think she was going to have a niiiiccce nap.


Testing.  1,2,3.  Testing.


Ahhh, it's just so much fun to watch Mummy jump a foot into the air.

Mischief managed... 

Adam, 3.  Mummy 1.

(Some hours later...)  Ahh Mummy, it's been a lovely day.  I've had so much fun.  I'm a little hoarse now but I'm sure an hour's snooze will sort that out ready for our next match.  Mummy, why are you handing me over to Daddy?  You're not tired of playing with me are you?  Ahh Mummy, you're such a spoilsport...I was having fun.  Mummy, where are you going?  Is it nice walking outside?  Can I come with you?  Mummy?  Hrmph.  She's not listening to me.  That's not fair. 

Adam, 3, Mummy, 2.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Service in this Hotel is Unacceptable!

I have decided that I've been well behaved for far too long.  This was lulling Mum into a false sense of security.  It was time to plot.  Look at that face, you can see the gears turning...

It began last night as I happily roared my way through my last bottle of the evening at around 8:30pm.  I zedded off into the land of nod and as my parents admired my sweetly sleeping face, they had no idea what was coming.  Tehehehe....

At precisely 2:56am I SCREAMED loudly, rather enjoying the effect of watching two snoring parental bodies jump a foot straight up in the air.  Of course they rushed over to my basket to find out what was wrong.  I ignored them.  I was very busy examining the new invention that is my fist.  It's a very interesting fist.  You know, as fists go....Tell me, does everyone have these long wiggling things at the end of their hands?

Adam 1, Parents Nil.

The parents stopped hyperventilating and sloped back off to bed.  They thought the crisis had passed.  Oh how innocent they the duvet was pulled over shoulders, I waited for them to yawn and start to relax and then I started to giggle.  Then I thought I'd try a new trick and I screamed again.  Nothing was wrong of course, I was just trying to figure out how loudly I could do it.  I quite like screaming.  It's particularly fun in the middle of the night, for some reason the effect is a bit more dramatic.

Unfortunately, a dumbles was rapidly inserted thus interrupting my concentration.  Bugger.

Adam 1, Parents 1.

I thought for a moment.  I sucked on my dumbles.  It is after all a nice dumbles and I do generally quite like it.  But tonight, I was busy.  I worked my tongue behind it and with a loud "ppfffffft" sound, I played projectile dumbles, just to see how far I could get it.  I think I hit my feet but I'm not quite certain as I couldn't see.  I felt it thump though so I chuckled.  Result.
Adam 2, Parents 1.

Hmmm.  They ignored me.  How dare they ignore me?  I wonder if I can scream any louder?  Oh yes.  Apparently I can.  Excellent.
Adam 3, Parents 1.

Daddy came over to my basket with a deep, tired sigh.  I grinned up at him in a most angelically cute manner.  I'm just so adorable when I want attention.  Once again, he inserted my dumbles.  Oh dear, it is a nice dumbles....snore......
Adam 3, Parents 2.

4:53am and it was time to scream.  Loudly.  Ahh the sweet sound of panic.  Success....  After all, I was hungry and my milk was overdue.  Parents, I hunger.  Feed me at once.  No, not in five minutes.  NOW.  The mere fact that I wasn't remotely hungry five minutes ago has absolutely no bearing on the matter.  I'm HUNGRY.  NOW.  Ahh, watching the parents run as I scream and writhe in my bed as though I'm being tortured while screaming loudly enough to convince the neighbours I'm being murdered is soooo much fun.
Adam 4, Parents 2.

Daddy plucked my bed out of it's rocking stand and took me downstairs where he shut the door on my roars.  I know he was making my milk but this was so unfair it was unbelievable.  I didn't know I had it in me but I succeeded in screaming even louder.  I think the dog was covering her ears.  Eventually, a whole 4.5 minutes later, I FINALLY received some milk.  The service in this hotel is just utterly unacceptable.  I must have a word with the management...

Anyway, I lulled Daddy into thinking all was well with my world. I politely finished off my milk with just a couple of loud burps into his ear and only a little bit of vomit down his back.  He's spoiled really.

Then the fun began.  I had a little short nap while he dozed with me in his arms (naughty Daddy, he knows he's not supposed to do that) and then just as he was getting comfortable, I started to wiggle.  I squirmed and I wriggled until he put me down onto my playmat.  Success.  It was now 5:46am, all in the house was nice a quiet and rested.  Not for long....

Well in my defence, I was just *practicing* my screaming.  You never know when you'll need the skill in later life.  I was *learning*.  And I needed to learn for an hour and fourteen minutes.  In other words, just enough time for the entire complement of staff to be awake and up out of their beds.  Then, mission accomplished, my work was done and it was time to rest my weary eyes.  

I slept till 9am.


Adam 5, Parents 2.  (I win)

Monday, 4 July 2011

Radio Shropshire & Shrewsbury Living

Some of you will know that we had a reporter from our local BBC Radio Station visit yesterday to interview us about Adam's story and Chris's walk.  While the interview itself took around an hour, quite understandably, the finished report was cut down to a few three minute segments and aired on this morning's breakfast show.  For those of you who have access to BBC iPlayer, this is the link to be able to listen to the show:

There were "teasers" during the 7am, 7:30am and 8am newscasts (these can be heard at approximately 58mins, 1:27 and 1:58 of the above link) and the full segments were aired at around 7:10am (1:09) and 8:10am (2:06).

For those of you who can't access iPlayer, you can hear copies of the edited interviews themselves by clicking the link below (although these don't include the host's introductions):

Finally, Adam's story was also featured in the newspaper Shrewsbury Living last Thursday, you can see the full page story here:

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