Monday, 4 July 2011

Radio Shropshire & Shrewsbury Living

Some of you will know that we had a reporter from our local BBC Radio Station visit yesterday to interview us about Adam's story and Chris's walk.  While the interview itself took around an hour, quite understandably, the finished report was cut down to a few three minute segments and aired on this morning's breakfast show.  For those of you who have access to BBC iPlayer, this is the link to be able to listen to the show:

There were "teasers" during the 7am, 7:30am and 8am newscasts (these can be heard at approximately 58mins, 1:27 and 1:58 of the above link) and the full segments were aired at around 7:10am (1:09) and 8:10am (2:06).

For those of you who can't access iPlayer, you can hear copies of the edited interviews themselves by clicking the link below (although these don't include the host's introductions):

Finally, Adam's story was also featured in the newspaper Shrewsbury Living last Thursday, you can see the full page story here:

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