Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Staff Need a Stern Talking To!

I discovered a new trick today!  I was sitting with Mummy during her morning chapel service at college and I was really doing my best to get her attention.  I was bouncing on her lap and when she put me on the floor, I was rolling around on the rug, shouting and tugging at her trousers to make sure I was (as usual) the sole focus of her attention.  She was doing an ok job of noticing me but frustratingly, she wanted to pay attention to her service as well.

Of course this is not acceptable.  I do not share.

Finally, in a last ditch effort, I threw my Dumbles on the floor well out of reach and then shouted at it expectantly, waiting for Mummy to pick it up for me.  To my shock and horror, she simply put me down on the floor pointing in the general direction of Dumbles and left me there!  I couldn't believe it!  Clearly the staff need a stern talking too.

But in the meantime, life without Dumbles is no life at all so I tried to work out how I could reach it myself. I wiggled my bum in the air until my whole body was in a V-shape but that didn't work.  I tried stretching as far as I possibly could but that didn't work either.  I tried barrel rolling across the carpet but I only succeeded in going diagonally away from Dumbles.  Finally, I realised that if I pulled my knees up under me (something I've been doing for a while) but combined that with a stretch that suddenly, I was off!  The carpet was being eaten up under my speeding little knees and Dumbles was in my hand!

I have no idea why Mummy was smiling so much, after all, I worked it out by myself and I was forced to fetch Dumbles without her help.  What do you mean 'crawling' Mummy?  All I know is that I did it by my own self and that is that.

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