Sunday, 12 February 2012

I've Learned A New Trick!

Guess what everyone?  I've learned yet another new trick today!

For a long time Mummy has been giving me her thumbs to hold and then when I haul on them, I manage to stand up.  But today, I was sitting on the floor between her knees and I was suddenly struck by inspiration! I leaned forward, grabbed lumps of her shirt and using them like a rock climbing wall, I stood up all by myself!

I was so proud of myself that I SHOUTED very loudly and giggled quite a lot.  I'm just so smart, I amaze myself.  :-)

Then I announced that I was ready for my dinner.  Right now of course.  I'm never hungry in five minutes time.  It's always right now.


  1. Hi Char

    This feature of; "I want it" and "I want it right now", will be the case for many years. I would suggest as a mother and grandmother, that you get used to it! ha!

    Keeping myself updated with your family Char.


    Sheila J. xxxxx

  2. Hey Sheila,

    Thaaaaaaaaanks for the encouragement! Here I hoped it was a phase! :-D
    C xo


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