Thursday, 12 July 2012

My First Trip to the Zoo

Well, I haven't written much lately because I've just been FAR too busy, playing with my toys, learning to walk, blowing raspberries...all sorts of things that really do fill up a baby's day.  But I had to tell you about today because Mummy took me to a place called "Zoo".  Apparently someone called "The Shropshire Deaf Children's Society" had organized a trip and we were invited.  I didn't know what "Zoo" was but Mummy seemed quite excited so I figured I'd give it a go, I didn't have anything else planned that couldn't wait and we have been cooped up for quite some time while I had the plague.

Mummy wanted me to have my nap in the car on the way there and as it was over an hour's drive I *suppose* that wasn't a bad idea but on balance, I decided against it.  Staring out the window and shouting around Dumbles was FAR more fun.  So of course, by the time we got to the zoo and just as Mummy had settled me in my pushchair, I started to shout that I WAS READY FOR MY NAP NOW! RIGHT NOW MUMMY!!  She sighed a bit but eventually saw the logic in my comments and started to rock my pushchair hoping I would go quietly.  Mummy is quite a stubborn sort (she gets it from me) and instead of finding a nice shady spot as I expected, she insisted on combining rocking and walking.  I was NOT impressed.  And I was NOT going to go quietly.

Mummy rolled me through the gate, well equipped with Dumbles, Blanket and Singing Puppy and wandered over to some enormous grey monster things that must have been as big as our house.  She leaned down with a smile and said, "Adam, those are elephants!"  I looked at her and screamed.  I do not LIKE elephants Mummy.  I do not want to SEE elephants Mummy!  I want to SLEEP.  RIGHT NOW!

Big Grey Monsters

Mummy was still feeling quite patient at this point so that was alright.  She rolled my pushchair away from the big monster beasts and looked to see what else she could find.

From this point, my conversation with Mummy went something like this:

"Adam, look there's a lemur!"
"I do NOT want to SEE a lemur!"
"Adam, look there's a jaguar!"
" I do NOT want to SEE a jaguar!"
"Adam, look, there's a giraffe!"
" I do NOT want to SEE a giraffe!"

Well.  You get the idea.  It was a rather noisy trip round the zoo.

Eventually, some of the grownups decided to stop for a coffee and Mummy stood outside waiting while they queued and drank her tea while I screamed.  It appeared Mummy was no longer listening to me and I was not impressed...but slowly I got quieter and alternated screaming with chucking Dumbles on the ground for Mummy to pick up.  She would pick it up, clean it off, put it in her handbag and I would scream with indignation until, AT LEAST an hour later, she would give it back to me.  Finally the others came back with their coffee's and HOURS later, we could get going again.  Mummy hoped the movement would soothe me.  Silly Mummy.

But then, something interrupted my performance.  Mummy rolled me into a very warm, damp sort of building, through lots of long plastic strips of doors that she tried to keep from smacking my face and then I saw something amazing - it was so amazing that I looked around, wide eyed and actually stayed quiet!  There were all sorts of colourful fluttery things flying around and they kept brushing my face with their wings.  I would try to reach out to grab one for a proper look but I never could quite get hold of them so instead I just looked and looked.  There were blue ones and purple ones and yellow ones, stripy ones, spotty ones - it was amazing!  I liked that place.  Mummy called them butter-fly's.  I don't know what butter had to do with anything but I liked them.

Then Mummy took me into a building where some people called Or-an-gu-ta-ns lived. It was very crowded in there so it looked like we wouldn't see much but then, we got to one window and there was a HUGE furry orange person hanging off a rope, banging the window with his pet rock. He was peering through the glass to get a good look at all the humans who were staring at him so I stared RIGHT BACK at him! I looked at him for so long that Mummy took a picture:

You can only see the back of my head but Mummy couldn't get any closer as there were children looking at the orange furry person too. He was definitely my favourite, I could have stayed there all day but sadly, eventually Mummy thought someone else should have a go at the window so she rolled me away. 

 We stopped for lunch after that and I had great fun. Every time I was finished with my cheese sandwiches (usually I had at least one nibble) I looked straight at Mummy and then threw them on the floor. She liked that. It was a good lunch though, I had some cheese, some bovril bread, some grapes, some strawberries, some yogurt, some quavers and some chocolate. Then I burped. Loudly. Thanks Mum, I'm full now!

Then, we tried to look at some lions but they were sleeping. Then we tried to look at some tigers but they were sleeping too. Then we went to visit some koalas but they were sleeping too. I was getting annoyed by this point - aren't any of the animals at "Zoo" ever awake?! But then, we rolled into another one of those warm, dark places and it smelled horrible! There were all sorts of black fluttery things flying around and lots of the girls were screaming. I don't know why, I thought the dark place would be perfect for having a snooze. So as Mummy rolled me through the tunnel with the fluttery things just inches from my head, I rolled around until I was comfortable and went to sleep. See Mummy? Those bat things aren't frightening, it's just a nice dark place. Come to think of it Mummy, could we stay here all afternoon? Mummy, why not? I like it in here! Muuuuuummmmmyyyyyy!!!!!!!

Mummy refused to listen to my argument, I don't think she liked it as much in there as I did so off we went back into the sunshine. However, just to pay her back, I slept for the rest of the afternoon. Mummy tells me I missed meercats, zebras and all sorts of other things but I'll look at her photos some other time, I was comfy.

On the way home, she stopped at some place called an "Ice Cream Factory" and I can quite confidently say that I approve of white chocolate ice cream with raspberry and oreo pieces in it - yes Mummy, you can buy that for me again.

Then, something really quite amazing happened:  we were driving home and I was quite certain it was just Mummy and me in the car when suddenly she started talking to someone named "Tom"; it seemed he had two names the same and I'm not sure why, so I'll just call him Tom.  The strange thing is that Tom has a girl's voice so I can't quite work that one out.  I craned around to try and see what Tom looked like but since my seat faces the boot, I couldn't figure out where Tom was.  But the conversation Mummy was having with him started off strange and, quite frankly, it just got stranger.  Here, I'll try to write it down as best as I can remember it and you tell me if you can work it out:

Mummy:  "Call Chris, Mobile"
Tom: "Call home, is this ok?"
Mummy:  "No."
Tom:  "Please repeat your command."
Mummy:  "Call Chris, Mobile."
Tom:  "Obtain a weather report, is this ok?"
Mummy in an exasperated voice:  "No!"
Tom:  Please repeat your command."
Mummy:  "Phone Chris, Mobile."
Tom:  "Navigate to the nearest hotel, is this ok?"
Mummy shouting now:  "NO!"
Tom:  "Please repeat your command."
Tom:  "Report a speed camera, is this ok?"
Mummy:  "NO!  IT ISN'T!  I DID NOT SAY THAT!!!"
Tom:  "Please repeat your command."

It went on like that for a while.  I'm still not quite sure who Tom is, why he had a girl's voice or why he was being so stupid but it was really quite funny to hear how annoyed Mummy was getting.  I wonder if Tom will come with us on our next trip to "Zoo?"

Anyway, it's been a long busy day so do you mind if I go to sleep now? Try not to snore too loudly tonight Mummy, I need my rest, particularly if you want me to have a hearing test tomorrow. Night night everyone.

Good Night Adam. x


  1. Adam, you're a born writer! What a brilliant sounding day out. Especially the butterfly tunnel! I wonder if you can buy them off eBay.....


  3. Hi Wriggles! My Mummy reads about you all the time! Sometimes she tells me things you've been getting up to. It's so nice to hear from you! I'm glad you liked meerkats, maybe next time I'll try to see them. If Mummy plans my naps a little bit better then I should be able to. I'll have a word and make sure she's more organized next time. Bye Wriggles!


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