Friday, 3 August 2012

Adam Screaming on Radio Shropshire!

Adam's story was also featured twice on BBC Radio Shropshire, Sam Fleet interviewed us last year when Chris was doing the sponsored walk for the hospital so when the news editor saw Adam's story in the national press on Friday, he recognized us.  He came out to the house Friday lunchtime to interview me for the Friday afternoon DriveTime program.  Unfortunately His Majesty was feeling rather vocal during this interview and doing his best to distract Mummy by climbing onto furniture before returning headfirst to the floor so I'm quite amazed I managed to get a coherent interview out around the antics!  

Below is a link to the iPlayer versions of the DriveTime program and you can find my interview at 2hrs 13mins.  There was by the way a DJ's error so he introduces me, then accidentally plays a station promo before returning to the interview, just bear with it!

If you can't access the iPlayer version above, Sam has sent me an MP3 of the clip which should be more widely accessible:

At the end of this interview, Sam said he'd seen in the national press that I was training to be a vicar and as Radio Shropshire has a Sunday morning program which includes elements of all faiths, he asked if he could ask me a question about my faith and how I reconcile that with an experience in NICU - talk about being put on the spot!  I answered quite quickly around His Majesty's ever-more enthusiastic antics and howls in the background (he was crawling underneath the armchair in the conservatory and then deciding he was stuck so shouting to be rescued).  There are of course so many other things I could have said with time to stop and think about it, but on the spot, this is what he got:

Sunday's Faith programme at 1hr, 40mins.

Or the MP3 version of the clip:

(Sorry it took me a few days to get these sorted - it's been a busy week between baby duties and taking care of a post-surgery husband!)

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