Friday, 2 November 2012

The Best Bits

I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about the challenges of parenting my complicated little toddler, and there is of course good reason for that considering how much he has turned our life upside down with his journey from death to life.  Life will never be the same because of GBS; however, GBS doesn't consume our lives, our journey is also filled with joy so I want to write, today, about ten best bits of being Adam's mother.

1.  Waking up (at a generally ungodly hour, but we won't go there) to hear a piping little voice calling through the darkness, "Hurro?  Hurro!  <<insert some baby babble here then>>  Hurro?  Hurro!"  

2.  Watching and hearing my precious boy continue to develop - despite everything - and lately to see things like carefully counting, "Ah, Oo, Ee" either with his building blocks or along with Numtums on CBeebies.  Listening as Graham, his Teacher for the Deaf, hands him a toy and he says carefully, "Tan-kou" - the look of delighted surprise on Graham's face was pretty good too!

3.  Arriving at nursery after a long day to pick him up and seeing a huge grin split his face as he pumps his arms up and down in delight shouting, "YAH!!" before running, giggling, over to me and lifting his arms to be picked up.

4.  Playing silly, nonsense games as he giggles like a lunatic with that infectious laughter that only a toddler can produce.  For the record, there is no shame in crawling around the house on all fours chasing the baby, no matter how old you are!

5.  "Dropping" the baby (with body and neck well supported I hasten to say!) as he giggles in delight, then turning endless rolepoley's on the settee until he's hysterical with laughter and simply has to be turned upside down just one last time.

6.  Watching him explore his world....even when it means discovering a long, interesting furry thing that absolutely has to be pulled and bitten.  (Ahem.  No cats were harmed in the writing of this blog....well not permanently anyway.)

7.  The sheer cheek of him - when a friend of mine pops into his nursery to chat with the staff and he keeps coming over to say loudly, "Buh-Bye!" before finally deciding she simply isn't getting the point so deciding to abruptly shut the door, therefore pushing her outside.  Or that moment at college when some students are trying to quietly sneak out of the canteen in the middle of lunchtime notices and a small head pops out of his baby carrier on my chest and a piping voice says loudly, "Buh-bye!" with a cheerful wave leaving at least three tables of students snickering to themselves.

8.  Seeing a small naked boy running and wobbling across the landing as he searches for his bubble bath - his favourite time of day.  It's so wholly innocent and adorably cute then, once in his bath, watching him squirt water out of the hole in the bottom of a rubber duck straight into his face and giggling in sheer delight every time the water goes up his nose.

9.  Snuggling a small person, all wrapped up in P.J's, reading the same story for the two millionth time until I've got every word memorized, as he munches a last biscuit and finishes his day with some milk before being carried sleepily up to bed.

10.  Listening to the soft snores from either the car seat on a long journey home or when popping into a darkened bedroom to check just one last time that he's really asleep before re-covering him with his soft fleecy blanket and whispering goodnight.

10.5 - Doing it all again tomorrow.  :-)


  1. Aww, what a lovely post. Good to count the many blessings when life keeps on challenging you. :)

  2. Thanks Christina. It's not all know?

  3. Absolutely lovely post :) Thanks for sharing your precious moments Charlotte x

  4. Awww lovely post, he's a little gem x

  5. This is so full of fun (I love the bubble monster). It is so easy to become bigged down in the hard bits and forget that when you aren't tearing your hair out or shouting at someones secretary that you are doing all of that because of a beautiful, fun child. You sound (rightly!) very proud xx


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