Saturday, 23 November 2013


Today you have smacked me.
Today you have pinched me.
Today you have put your head down 
and run into me full force
smacking your head into my lip

Today I have told you, "NO!"
Today I have signed, "NO!"
Today I have said, "Naughty!"
Today I have signed, "Naughty!"

Today you have SCREAMED.
Today you have cried.
Today you have picked up 
and thrown your toys
at me, at the floor, at the dog.

Today I have taken your toys off you.
Today I have locked them away.
Today I have turned off the television.
Today, in desperation, I have turned on the television.
Today I have put you in "time out".

Today you have launched yourself at me saying, "HURRO!"
and driven your flailing hands into my windpipe.
Today you have spit your food on the floor
Today you have thrown your cup of milk to the ground
and I have wiped up the spills.

Today I have told you I love you
Today I have cuddled you
Today I have kissed you
Today I have carried you on my hip
and wiped your tears away.

Today I have felt sorry for myself
and in one breath I have said,
"I wish we didn't NEED all this help!"
and in the next breath have said,
"But I am so glad we have all this help.
I am so glad it's available."

Today I have cried
Today my husband has hugged me
Today I have sobbed, "Why? is it so hard?  
Why did we draw the short straw?"

Today my husband has held me and said,
"There is no why; it just is."
Today my husband has said,
"There is no easy answer 
and the truth is...
It will probably get harder."

Today I have been angry with you.
Today I have wanted to "fix" you.
Today I have cried over you.
Today I have loved you.

Today I am your mother.
Tomorrow I hope will be better.

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  1. A hug. I guess we all have these days, sometimes it's a school friend Natty has lashed out of and I feel such a terrible mother because I can't prevent that. But it will pass in time.


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