Monday, 29 September 2014

A Transport Update

I've had quite a number of friends asking how things are going with Adam's transport situation and whether or not anything has been resolved.

The short answer is not yet.  I'm still doing the school run each morning, and so missing Morning Prayer, but thankfully my training incumbent is being very kind about it.

The slightly longer answer is that the Disabled Children's Team have been digging away behind the scenes and are trying to unearth sources of funding for Adam's nursery hours and to find a resolution with transport.  I also sent a detailed letter to my MP, Mark Pritchard, asking for his help and have so far had a basic response letter and a personal voicemail from him saying that while the situation is a complex one, he is working to resolve it.  Similarly, the Shropshire Star are also likely to do an article on it.  In other words, I've got quite a bit of support and that feels very helpful.

A meeting has been arranged at The Bridge in a week's time which will gather all of the professionals involved in the situation, along with representatives from the Council to discuss it.  

Hopefully, there will be a resolution soon and I will of course update when I know more.

In the meantime, I did have one very good piece of news last week.  Adam has long since received the caring component of Disability Living Allowance because of the 24/7 care he needs from us, but he had previously been turned down for the mobility component.  I appealed this decision, on the advice of other parents in similar situations to our own, making the case that while Adam can walk/run/jump/climb, he is not able to do any of these things independently because of his autism, hearing and visual impairments.  On this basis, he needs constant supervision, we regularly need to perform lifting/carrying and other tasks like coping with his meltdowns and that this is far more care than a non-disabled child of his age would require.  With this and the supporting letters from the raft of professionals involved with our case, the appeal has thankfully been granted and Adam has been awarded the mobility component at the higher rate.  This now entitles us to apply for a blue badge, a motability car, and a disabled tax disc.  All of these things will make a huge difference so it has been a very bright spot in the week and I am grateful for it.

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