Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Don't ignore 823,000 people!

I, like many others, was very disappointed when the government decided to ignore the wishes of 823,000 people in this country, continuing to refuse the Meningitis B vaccine to all children under five.  This is despite the fact that many parents shared their harrowing stories of meningitis infections and many MP's lent their support to the petition.  

The Meningitis Now charity is now asking for us to add our signatures to an open letter to be sent to the government asking them to reconsider this decision.  This morning I have signed the letter with the addition of this personal comment, 

"My son, Adam, suffered a life-threatening Group b Strep Meningitis infection as a newborn and has been left permanently and profoundly disabled as a result.  While I fully understand that Meningitis B and Group b Strep Meningitis are different infections, having lived through any strain of meningitis once, it remains my greatest fear.  When deciding whether or not to save the lives of children, cost should NEVER be the deciding factor.  Please listen to the wishes of 823,000 people in this country and reconsider your decision."

Please join me in signing this letter, which you can find on the Meningitis Now website and lend your support to this campaign.  You can find the letter here:


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