Saturday, 30 July 2016

Team GBSS - Walking For Adam

Today, Team GBSS are "Walking for Adam" - all eleven of them!  

Approximately half of the team are doing the heavy-duty route including climbing both The Wrekin and The Ercall in their 20 miles, while the other half are doing the gentler route, which is still 20 miles but has been adapted to remove as many hill climbs as possible to accommodate Jane's (partially healed) torn ligaments.

And of course, I'm supporting the key player in the team who is currently watching Alphablocks as a 20 mile walk is a bit too much for a five-year-old (and his mother!) 

We have all been overjoyed by the level of support we have received (online and offline) as the fundraising target has risen far, far higher than any of us expected...but we'll save that surprise for after the team have finished.  However, it's still not too late so if anyone would like to support the work of this amazing but small charity, then please visit our online donations page here:

This morning, Jane's local paper "The Argus" has published this fantastic article which reminds us all of just why Chris, Jane and the team are "Walking for Adam"...and Theo and all of the other children who have lost their lives or been left disabled by this wholly preventable infection:

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