Monday, 24 April 2017

"Testing Mothers for Deadly Infection Supported"

This morning, there is a large "Focus on Health" section in the Shropshire Star which includes two articles on GBS.  Sadly, in one of these we read the story of two babies who lost their lives to GBS infections, and in the other of a child who has been left disabled - this in addition to my own story with Adam.

As always, I am very grateful to the Shropshire Star for raising awareness of this deadly infection and focusing on these stories - we wish we didn't have to tell them but will continue doing so until GBS screening is introduced on the NHS!

Just a note:  one article included a small misprint saying, "The National Screening Committee regularly gives the reason not to introduce routine screening as it is worried about the risk of adverse reaction, as it can lead to infertility."  This is incorrect: the adverse reactions the Screening Committee have mentioned are risk of allergic reaction to the penicillin used to treat GBS positive mothers and the risk of increased antibiotic resistance.  GBS screening does not cause or risk infertility.

Shropshire Star, 24th April 2017, Pg6
Shropshire Star, 24th April, Pg7

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