Wednesday, 10 May 2017

SEND Tribunal

So, tomorrow we go to tribunal, Special Educational Needs Disputes Tribunal to be more specific.  What began three years ago with a dispute with the Local Authority over how to transport Adam to school (in a carseat or not) has long since morphed into fighting over his EHCP (Education Health & Care Plan), what will be in it and how the contents of this will impact on his educational provision.  

It has been a long battle to get to this point and, regardless of the outcome tomorrow, both Chris and I are immensely grateful to the team at SEN Legal, who specialise in fighting for the rights of children with additional needs.  It is also an incredibly stressful process so we would be grateful for your thoughts and prayers to go with us.

Those of you who listen to Free Radio (Wolverhampton and Birmingham stations) will now also know that we have taken the incredibly difficult and painful decision to also pursue legal action over the circumstances of Adam's birth and how quickly he received the intensive care that he ultimately needed.  

This decision was taken two years ago but cases like these take a very long time to investigate and typically many years to come to a conclusion.  But with the recent national news that Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals are the subject of a government ordered investigation into their maternity care for preventable deaths and birth injury, we agreed to our solicitor's request to allow our decision to be made public.  If you wish to read the press release on this, you can do so here:  Irwin Mitchell Solicitors

Our motivation always has been, and remains, doing everything we possibly can to meet Adam's lifelong needs and providing the care, therapy and education he will need in the years to come.  

Your thoughts and prayers for us all on this very difficult road would be very much appreciated.  Thank you

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