Adam's Staff Reports

Right from the beginning, Mummy made a somewhat catastrophic mistake.  She decided she was in charge.  Well.  I couldn't have that!  As my loyal readers will know, I am a baby who really is quite shy with his opinions and is always content to let others have the last word.......and if you believe that....

So, I hatched a plot which basically involved Training the Staff.  You see, Mummy and Daddy must know their place in life and clearly that place is instantly responding to my every need, desire and whim the moment I express it, or ideally a few seconds before.  This is of course the ideal I am working towards but as Mummy has clearly inherited my stubbornness, the training program is taking longer than I had anticipated.

For this reason, I felt it might be helpful to periodically update my readers with Staff Reports just to let everyone know how work is progressing.  I initially decided to give The Staff a six-month probation period which was then extended to one year.  So far, I've managed to knock some of the rough edges off them but there's still quite a bit of work to go.  I am however a gracious and patient baby and so am willing to continue to work with The Staff, mostly because it would take far too long to break in a new staff team so it seems better to persist with the ones I've already hired.

If however there are any applicants interested in applying for the post, I will gladly take these under consideration.  I would however suggest these applicants first review the Staff Reports I have already posted here just so they have a general idea of what my expectations are.  This might be helpful if I decide to progress their application to an interview.  The pay isn't very good and the sleep is minimal but I really am quite charming when I want to be so this more than makes up for it.  All CV's can be forwarded to The Baby; you will be placed in a queue but I value your call and one of my customer service agents will answer as quickly as possible.


Thanks for teaching me my new trick Daddy, 
this is a good one!


  1. I love it! You are clearly the WORLDS smartest baby! The staff that you so fondly speak of are so blessed so be at your service.

  2. I know. My intelligence amazes me sometimes but that's the cross I have to bear as the world's most fabulous baby!

  3. Adam you are a very beautiful boy! I can see how you'd totally wrap your staff round your little finger in no time! Well done you!! X

    1. Aaah thanks Thelma, it's nice to know someone else sees my potential and incredibly handsome good looks! You aren't by chance interested in applying for the post are you? I'm currently booking in 4:00am interviews...


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